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“Perhaps the best thing about your kennel is that you always have the “we can do anything you want us to do for your dog” attitude.  Your staff shares the same attitude; they are wonderful.  The first time that I dropped off my dogs, I saw a woman drop off her dog.  She opened the car door, and the dog bounded out of her car and leaped into your kennel.  He could not get into the house fast enough. I thought, there’s no way my dogs are ever going to do that! Well, last time I came, Riley got all excited as we came up the drive.  I opened the car door and, sure enough, he bounded through the kennel door to see all his friends.  So there you have it!  Thanks for everything; we’ll see you two days earlier than previously planned, if that is ok!”

Sheila P.

“WOW !!! Just wanted to pass along that I recently had an AMAZING experience with Willow Farm Grooming and Boarding located in Springfield/Chester – these folks are FANTASTIC – FANTASTIC – they are super warm, friendly, and care for your pet as if it were their own! I’ve had various experiences at other local kennels and groomers not been impressed with the outcome . BUT the small town, FAMILY atmosphere is second to none with Willow Farm.”

September 21, 2006, Source: Vermont Craigslist: Pets

“When my vet called to let me know there was a young border collie they thought we should consider adopting at the Humane Society, I was interested, but hesitant because I was unsure, with our busy schedules and 3 resident cats, whether adopting a dog was feasible at this time. We had rescued a border collie a few years back and he had passed away the year before. Having a trained, older dog was one thing, but a puppy or very young dog was another.
Well, needless to say, after seeing her it was hard to resist. Once again, we had ourselves a dog. The timing was perfect and everything came together, in large part because of Willow Farm. I was really nervous about leaving her during the day in the hands of “strangers” and did not know how she would react to other dogs, as she was pretty fearful and skittish around them at the shelter.

Debbie was very patient and reassuring and so we took a leap of faith and started taking her there on a regular basis for daycare. I think Mattie (our dog) was one of the first of the “regulars”. She” blossomed” almost immediately and essentially became a much more balanced and happy dog.

Over time, she and Willow Farm have grown and developed together. There is now a dedicated and caring staff who really takes the time to get to know each and every dog and I no longer have any worries when Mattie is there. We know that she is safe and happy in the hands of Debbie and her staff. We are thankful everyday that we have this facility available to us so close by.”