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Pet Supplies

Our retail shop sells only the more natural, less processed foods and treats, including homemade and frozen raw diets for dogs and cats. We also carry supplies and food for your furry friends. We offer a variety of toys, chews, Lupine collars & leashes, and natural grooming supplies.



DRY & CANNED FOODS:  Orijen & Acana –  Zignature – Pure Vita – NutriSource – Taste of the Wild – Blue Buffalo – Natural Balance – Merrick – Dave’s – Solid Gold – Evanger’s – Bravo – Weruva – Fromm 

FROZEN RAW DIETS:  Primal – Answers – Bravo – Vermont Raw – OC Raw – Stella & Chewy’s – Steve’s

DEHYDRATED RAW:  The Honest Kitchen – Dr. Harvey’s


Pet Food Recall

We are happy to say that NONE of the dog food brands that we sell are included in the recall. This unfortunate incident is exactly why we advise our clients to feed their dogs what are referred to as the “premium” dog foods.

In some instances, premium dog foods may be a bit more expensive than some of the recalled brands, but only by pennies, and certainly some of the recalled brands are MORE expensive than the premiums. In any event, price should not be a factor when the health and well-being of our pets is at risk.

What is the criteria to be considered a “premium” dog food ?

  • We look for foods that contain a lot of high-quality animal proteins.
  • We reject any food containing meat by-products or poultry by-products.
  • We reject foods containing fat or protein not identified by species.
  • We look for whole grains and vegetables.
  • We eliminate all foods with artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.
  • We eliminate all foods with added sweeteners.
  • We look for products containing organic ingredients.

Hopefully, this scare will convince people to take a better look at their dog food labels. Don’t believe all of the ads. Just because this recall was only on cans, it points out the way that these foods are manufactured…..in volume, all with different labels, and little attention to quality. It can happen with the dry formulas, too! These companies are free to change ingredients, change quantities of specific ingredients, or change the formula completely, without advising the consumer! It sounds unbelievable, but it is true!