Willow Farm
21 Route 106
N. Springfield, VT 05150
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The groomers at Willow Farm are caring, kind, patient, and most of all, EXCELLENT groomers!  Their clients are thrilled!  Whether it’s a bath for a lab or scissoring of a standard poodle, your dog will look like a million when she leaves Willow Farm’s Grooming Shop!

We specialize in haircuts and love doing terriers!   Using a patient, gentle manner, we consistently provide a good grooming experience for all dogs. For puppies new to the whole experience, it is extremely important that they have a positive, fun time at the groomer!

All groomings includes nail trims, ears, brush-outs and bath.  Nail trims alone are $10, and well worth it!  Don’t struggle with your kids over nails!

For grooming pricing, we prefer to see your dog, but should be able to give a general ‘base’ price according to breed, and we have a fair pricing structure.

Call today and schedule your dog’s grooming appointment. Or schedule a grooming at the end of a kennel stay to complete your dog’s vacation and bring a beautiful, clean dog home!